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What is a CDN (content delivery network)?
A content delivery network (CDN) is a system of servers spread throughout different data centres located around the world. This proxy server network is ideal for extending your website’s reach...
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Your own knowledge base wiki software
For over a decade, the online encyclopaedia Wikipedia has been the first stop for millions of internet users for information about all kinds of topics.  Since its inception the website’s...
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CMS without databases: the simple solution for small web projects
Finding the right content management system (CMS) for a web project is sometimes easier said than done due to the vast number of options. The more powerful a content management system is,...
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Plone – the secure and user-friendly CMS
The content management system (CMS), Plone, first appeared in 2002 and is built with the programming language, Python. Plone is based on the Python-based web application server, Zope, and its content...
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Four reasons to switch to cloud hosting
It is becoming increasingly common for medium-sized businesses to rent IT resources from professional hosting services, rather than buying them outright and having to supply their own specialists for maintenance....
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8 Reasons VPS Hosting is Best for Growing Websites
Congratulations. The good news is that your website has become really successful. You’re getting thousands of visitors a day and your sales have steadily increased. As a result, you’ve got...
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How to tell if You Need a Dedicated Server for Your Web Hosting
Most websites begin their journey on a shared hosting plan. When they grow, the next natural step is to move to a VPS. There may come a time, however, when...
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