SSL certificate, or how to secure your website?


SSL certificate, or how to secure your website?

The times when a good-quality SSL certificate was one of the paid options are gone. Current website security solutions can be obtained for free with the purchase of web hosting.

What is an SSL Certificate?

Let’s start from the beginning. So what is an SSL Certificate? It is a method of encrypting data sent between the user and the website visited by him. These data are adequately protected, so that there is no undesirable leakage of information and its unauthorized reading by third parties.

What data are we talking about? About the most common ones that almost every Internet user has to deal with. It is about personal data provided on websites, passwords necessary to log in and set up an account, or even credit card numbers used during online payments.

The growing popularity of the free Let’s Encrypt certificate

The SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate is a standard that is used not only to protect data during financial transactions via the Internet, but also to secure other data sent between the network user and the web server.

This type of certificate became popular thanks to the public benefit organization Internet Security Research Group, which created a project of free security certificates, partially sponsored by corporations such as Facebook, Mozilla and Cisco. Before this certificate appeared, almost all transactions and data transfer took place via the unencrypted HTTP protocol. However, times have changed – Internet users are much more aware of the dangers of the network and the need to protect their data in the virtual world with the use of the encrypted HTTPS protocol.

Free SSL Certificate – Who Can Use It?

Let’s Encrypt is a solution on a global scale, very popular and used by a large group of Internet users. This option is most often used by bloggers, small businesses, and private individuals. If your project belongs to beginners or you are looking for a proven solution, but not involving additional costs – Let’s Encrypt will be a great choice for you.

How to handle a free SSL certificate?

First of all, remember that the certificate must be renewed manually after 90 days. As part of the certificate, the user may issue up to 20 SSLs a week for one domain. This means that the security will apply to one domain and its 19 subdomains.

Our company gives you the opportunity to generate free SSL Let’s Encrypt certificates that protect your website against hacking attacks. However, if there are any problems with the implementation of the certificate, our team will be happy to help you with the entire process.

Why should you secure your website with an SSL certificate?

An encrypted connection between your computer and the web server will protect your data and prevent third parties from accessing information important to you.

Another advantage of this certificate, although not fully confirmed by Google, is the ability to increase your position in searches. This is not officially confirmed, but certainly having a certificate is better in this situation than not having it, which may scare potential visitors.

Another aspect is adapting your website to modern browser requirements. For example, Chrome places a notice in the search bar that is visible to the user with a warning about an unsecured site. It may be potentially dangerous, and browsing through it is not recommended. Therefore, Internet users are more and more clearly and bluntly informed about the lack of a certificate. So if your goal is to increase traffic to your website, you will need to install SSL. Otherwise, potential customers will move to the competition.

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